Bombshell ★★

Regal Opry Mills 20, DCP

Who is a movie like this for and what purpose does it serve?

If you're watching it, you're already familiar with the events it covers - you're at least left-leaning, near-literate, and kept up with all of the events in real-time.

So a film like this can only serve three purposes:

It can further illuminate, a deep-dive of historical detail - here it does not.

It can provide catharsis through satirization - it tries, but as with all Trumpian satire, it's anemic compared to reality.

Or, it can exist just to stroke the audience's ego, applauding viewers for being on the right side of culture and history - and in this case, act as a culture-stratifying agent that's really no more virtuous than the media behemoth it aims to vilify.

Nobody sees Bombshell to learn about what happens at Fox News. We go to laugh at the downfall of powerful, immoral men and get a kick out of seeing how they were stunt-cast.

We're never invited to grapple with the moral ambiguity of the women themselves - how long they knowingly supported and benefited from the toxic climate they later took on (and benefited from again, in settlements).

But of course, nuance is not the currency of post-Adam McKay tabloid cinema.