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  • Panic in the Streets

    Panic in the Streets

    Jumping on the Covid-19 viewing bandwagon here.

    Widmark and Palance both great here plus some compelling faces along the way. Love the real locations, particularly the banana/coffee warehouse chase at the end.

    Very procedural though, a bit too much as it scantly mounts the dramatic tension/excitement that it needs.

    Contrary to the title however, the streets remain free of panic. That’s a little irksome.

  • Kenneth Anger - Magier des Untergrundfilms

    Kenneth Anger - Magier des Untergrundfilms


    Amazing that this doc crew was on-hand for the filming of Lucifer Rising, illuminating so much of Anger’s methodology - particularly just how scrappy and nearly single-handed these productions were. Really makes the imagery therein all the more impressive.

    I wish the doc had chosen to subtitle Anger’s interview portions, rather than have the narrator dub over the translations. That’s really the only gripe I have with this, otherwise this is a must for fans of KA. Would love to see this restored at some point.

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  • Purl



    Regressive, fake-woke, and decidedly un-feminist.

    Nobody is bothered that all women are represented by balls of yarn?!

    Or that the ultimate message is that it's up to women to change sexist workplace attitudes?

    Peak commodified feminism.

  • Uncut Gems

    Uncut Gems


    Telluride Film Festival, DCP

    Perhaps you see the Safdies as performers of high-wire narrative acrobatics, taking the viewer on break-neck, claustrophobic rides that don’t relent till the final frame. You’d be right, and Gems is exactly the film you were expecting.

    Or maybe you see the Safdies as the self-appointed gatekeepers of an imagined underworld, whose depictions of grit and viscerality are the feigned posturing of privileged sons for whom human despair is merely an aesthetic. You’d also be right,…