Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice ★★★½

I continue to inch toward a full love of this, and things like the "Martha" scene now not only do not rankle but strike me as emotionally direct in a way that more or less works. Most impressive is how this film introduces a different version of Batman from the endless origin stories on repeat, instead flipping the script to present an older, more defeated Bruce who has truly been broken and driven well past whatever boundaries he set for himself. I'll still never be on board with gun-totin' Murder Batman, but here and in the Snyder Cut I honestly think Affleck does some of the best work of his career laying out an arc that begins at a man's nadir and drags him back toward the light.

There's still too much bullshit here, though. Luthor's plot is at once completely over-convoluted and just nonsensical, with crisis actors and fake African warlords and all that that culminates in Congress being blown up only to frame a mind-shattering act of terrorism solely through the prism of it making Superman feel approximately 20% more bummed than he already was. But Snyder and co. present an unorthodox vision of its two main heroes that they ultimately find the logic and payoffs to justify, and the back-to-back sequences of the Batman vs. Superman fight and the warehouse takedown are two of the best visually and narratively plotted action scenes in comic book cinema. Shame about the CGfuck that comes after.