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This review may contain spoilers.

to make a gross, brutal, painful, regressive decision for the sake of avoiding a “hollywood ending” only to follow it up with what is arguably the most “hollywood” ending i have seen in genuinely years, topped with a Hannah Baker shaped cherry, is maybe one of the most transparently faux visionary acts of filmmaking. 

the entire time i was hoping for a Parasite-esque dramatic tonal shift to make up for what was a really lackluster first half. instead, the only tonal shift i got was when a truly 5 minute scene where the brutal, animalistic murder of a woman was quickly followed by.... crass humor? 

aside from just being a terrible, unsettling plot choice that was nowhere near as smart as it was intended to be, it was also painfully inappropriate and harmful. the fact that this was VERY..... VERY much marketed as a rape revenge film, only to (as many have pointed out) strip away the one truly beneficial aspect of a rape revenge film (.... revenge) in exchange for the graphic murder of our protagonist feels like a really cheap thrill, and a slap in the face to survivors who go into this not at all expecting what could easily be a traumatic viewing experience. 

ALL and i genuinely mean all 3 stars are for carey mulligan. such a great performance that deserved a great ending.

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