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  • Diary of a Country Priest

    Diary of a Country Priest


    "but what does it matter? all is grace."

    I could talk about so so much with this film but I'm going to go in kinda a roundabout way

    I want to start off with modern Christian movies. By Christian movies, I mean movies that are explicitly Christian (where the genre is just "Christian"), marketed as such, where the main audience is protestant America. In this category, I'd put stuff like "God's Not Dead" or "Fireproof" or most recently, "Overcomer". There've…

  • Pom Poko

    Pom Poko


    hahahahahah what the frick!
    i started this one thinking "sure, i'll watch the funny raccoon movie! should be nice and easy"
    i was NOT expecting pom poko to be an epic tale that includes:
    - killer commentary on not only deforestation but also urbanization and gentrification in general
    - quality character writing! imperfect people (raccoons) who you could feel for, empathize with. they change as the story goes on, adapting to the situations that arise. complex relationships were formed and…

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  • Uptown Girls

    Uptown Girls


    ways "frances ha" is "uptown girls"
    - brittney murphy kinda looks like greta gerwig at times, several expressions are similar 
    - main character can't quite seem to "grow up" in some way
    - resolution involves character coming to a better understanding of self rather than doing some dramatic 180
    - male side character who is good with the ladies😎
    - new york city
    - main character dancing through the streets
    - climatic dance scene at the end of the movie…

  • Lady Bird

    Lady Bird


    lady bird/kyle conversations have some of my favorite dialogue in film history.

    and i love how greta gerwig writes and directs dialogue scenes in general, but more interesting to me was how she directs scenes with little to no dialogue - specifically, the art form of the montage. 

    there are a couple of montage scenes throughout and i'd to write pages on them but some little points for now. 
    - they give space for the previous scene to breathe -…