The Bronte Sisters ★★

Isabelle Adjanuary

This has no right to be 2 hours long. The biggest issue being; the film is called The Brontë Sisters, yet it opens on their brother, and spends most of the running time with him. It occasionally reverts focus back to the sisters, but the structure is fragmented into a disjointed back-and-forth between them becoming “instant sensations” (which doesn’t happen until after the first 80 minutes, so by definition that statement from the synopsis is false), and being completely erased from the story altogether in favor of Branwell Brontë, who is simply not as interesting (or entertaining enough to watch) as the rest of the principle cast. Doesn’t help that biopics in general are an oversaturated, bland, and predictable category that I just do not care for (save a few notable exceptions). This has the usual note of “must a movie be good? Is it not enough to just look at Isabelle Adjani for 120 minutes?” to which I reply, “no.” for I would prefer if she was actually present for all of those minutes.

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