Cosmopolis ★★★★★

"I want a haircut"... You and me both, Robby, you and me both...

Far and away Cronenberg's best film, largely by virtue of staying out of his own way and allowing DeLillo's (literally and figuratively) unbelievable dialogue to speak for itself, more or less intact. I wish I had a copy of the novel on hand, because the film excludes one of my favorite passages, wherein Packer comments on the protests happening outside the limo (which I remember being more significant in the book than they are in the film). That said, still, the sequence with Samantha Morton is probably my favorite piece of cinema of the entire decade. My only slight strike against the film is that Brother Fez's music is represented by some corny shit sung by Perry Ferrell.

I have two beers left. Is it... Nocturama time?

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