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Adam Jahnke


Creator/writer of Tribulation. Head projectionist at Jahnke's Electric Theatre.

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  • Savage Sam

    Savage Sam

    For years, Walt Disney had been an outspoken opponent to the very idea of sequels. But apparently pulling the trigger on Son Of Flubber, the follow-up to The Absent-Minded Professor, convinced Walt that sequels weren’t such a bad idea after all. Within six months of Flubber’s release, Walt had another sequel in theaters. Perversely, he decided to make a sequel to the one movie that seemed uniquely resistant to continuation.

    From a dollars-and-cents perspective, a sequel to Old Yeller makes…

  • Miracle of the White Stallions

    Miracle of the White Stallions


    Walt Disney’s name had been synonymous with family entertainment practically from the very beginning of his career. But that doesn’t mean that all he made were children’s films. Every so often, he’d become interested in a story that held very little appeal for the small fry and was geared, more or less, toward adults. Walt being Walt, they were still suitable for viewing by audiences of all ages. It’s just that younger audiences would likely be bored stiff by them.…

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