Hereditary ★★★★½

Dear Letterboxd peers,

Hereditary is a fantastic film. It’s scary in unconventional and unusual ways. It’s scary in the fact that it’s a horror movie. This is a film that requires your utmost attention, and it will reward you for it. It’s doesn’t have a bunch of jump-scares and stuff like that, but it distills a sense of dread throughout. Still, there’s some insane stuff. I was hooked the whole time. There was an insane sense of immersion. It reminded me a lot of Pan’s Labyrinth in the sense that I wanted to look away, but I couldn’t. And then it’s scary in the fact that it’s a family drama. Conflict continually bubbles up between the members of this family, and then it builds constant tension with that. What works so well about this aspect of the film is that you can so easily empathize with the extreme situations that the characters are in. You're scared, because you care. Their fear becomes your fear, and their grieving becomes your grieving. Toni Collette is just phenomenal here, giving what might be one of my new favorite performances. I know that everyone has said that already, but she blew me away. There’s a moment here, no two moments, no three, no 50 million where I was intensely mesmerized by her performance. Just like how she was mesmerized in that one scene (if you know, you know). However, no one was overshadowed. The ensemble is incredible, with each actor giving a performance so real and so layered, that even when the movie goes over the top (and it does, oh it does), it still works, and you feel for them. Also, this is a fantastic debut, especially on a directorial standpoint. Oh my god. What a movie.

Dear Mom,

Never watch this movie.

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