Love Exposure

Love Exposure ★★★★½

Easily classified on what-the-fuck terms, the monumental Love Exposure is possibly the most epic film I will see for quite some time, and I’m not exaggerating because I can’t think of another story out there with the size and scope this film contains. It is a staggering four-hour opus, yet somehow manages to retain tight narrative focus and strong hilarious characterisation for the majority of its runtime to the point that it’s no different from binge-watching a TV show that you love.

Love Exposure is a giant satire of Catholicism and religion in general, questioning how far people will take their faith in order to get what they want whilst dealing with massive boners, the porn industry, lesbianism, and abusive fathers. It is a series of mind games, religious defiance, and more than a thousand other elements that you’ll have to see the film to digest. For its runtime, it is a perfectly paced film and I still haven’t worked out how Sion Sono has been able to achieve this. Every new idea, visual cues, plot point and piece of character development seems to arrive on screen at the exact second needed to keep the audience enthralled as they are pulled further down the twisted spiral of despair the film creates. 

Personally though, you will never see me take a break from the film— except for the time that I had to pee— because everything about the film just clicks with me. I love exploitation. I love thought-provoking films. What I love the most about Sono is how he is able to combine the two seemingly unrelated sides so that he can give us the best of both worlds at once. And what an awesome ride. Whenever I wasn’t laughing at the absurdity on screen, I was emotional over the tough circumstances the characters were getting themselves into. It is a film that has to be seen to be believed.

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