• Fear Street: 1978

    Fear Street: 1978


    So she was stabbed repeatedly in the side, hitting what I’m guessing is her kidney, and homeboy brings her back with some trash CPR? C’mon now…

  • Convoy



    Before Marvel, DC or even the free agent universes that brought us the likes of Hell Boy and Spawn, there was —for a period from 75’-78’ and again in 98’ with Black Dog— a different hero we Americans looked up to… and that hero was Truckers! You know, road tractors, honey wagons, flatbed Cowboys, concrete princesses, road dogs, gear gammers, and —you guessed it— convoyers!

  • Broken Flowers

    Broken Flowers


    TBH I would have just stayed with Laura and Lolita until that well ran dry…

  • Fear Street: 1994

    Fear Street: 1994


    Interesting idea to sort of hit the milestone horror decades… let’s see if the 90’s kids have the same nostalgia for the late 70’s. 

    Overall, as a Netflix movie, it holds up really well and is genuinely enjoyable to watch and even more so if you catch the constant use of homage.

  • The Friends of Eddie Coyle

    The Friends of Eddie Coyle


    I’ve seen this multiple times and genuinely really like it; so much so it would be a five star movie if it wasn’t for:

    -Eddie dropping a very vulgar n-bomb 
    -I get it was the early seventies, but the music is a too much at times and overrides the dialogue, which is basically all this film is 
    -Speaking of dialogue, there are repeated lines that Yates— or whoever —just decided to keep in the movie 

    Other than that it’s really…

  • Girlfriends



    Frances Ha was a very clear upgrade to this and borders on straight theft in a lot of ways. With that being said, other than seeing how influential this movie is, I’m not sure I was blown away like so many others have been.

  • The Tomorrow War

    The Tomorrow War


    Looks very good but either the studio or the director made some very questionable story choices. For example, they spend most of the movie trying to make the fictitious alien/future scenario seem believable and —after 45 minutes of that and limited action— have Pratt’s character cracking jokes moments after he witnesses a couple hundred people get got by what looks like a cross between the Quiet Place monster and the season 2 Stranger Things monster. Also, Pratt’s six pack was CGI’d— don’t @ me.

  • Behind the Candelabra

    Behind the Candelabra


    This may have one of the most hard to pin tones in all of Soderbergh’s filmography, which is realllly saying something, and I’m very much here for it. Damon and Douglas are incredible in that there is such a mix of emotions they have to present while literally always running the risk of the film turning into some sort of unrelatable, comic biopic.

  • Manhunter



    Having seen Red Dragon before this, it’s very interesting to see the differences in stylistic choices. With that being said, I like the art direction of Manhunter quite a bit more and Farina and Noonen were very effective castings.

  • Slumdog Millionaire

    Slumdog Millionaire


    Boyle brings a ton of fire power and it works in pretty much every way.

  • A Prayer Before Dawn

    A Prayer Before Dawn


    Yaba daba do(n’t) or you’ll end up in a Thai prison.

  • The Mosquito Coast

    The Mosquito Coast


    Very worth a viewing. One of the few protagonists who is unlikeable yet he’s still able to effectively push the plot. My favorite line: “I think of you when I go to the bathroom.”