The Grand Budapest Hotel

The Grand Budapest Hotel ★★★★★

I have a tendency to overrate movies when I see them for the first time. Last year I watched a bunch of Superhero movies, DCEU to MCU to X-Men. When it comes to certain MCU and X-Men movies, I wrote reviews where I gave them 5 stars and shot them up into my all time favorites. I have since lowered my score on many of them, mainly because I realize that they aren’t something that can make me stop everything I’m doing to watch. I thought that The Grand Budapest Hotel was something I could do this with, and instead of getting a situation like Aladdin (I dropped that a full star) I actually loved this movie even more than I did previously.

I’m honestly really glad that I rewatched this. It’s been in my top 4 of all time since my first viewing and it’s always nice to get confirmation in that it won’t be leaving anytime soon. With a film like this, I was able to take in even more than I previously was able to. I always love Wes Anderson’s scripts, but this is easily my favorite. Paying more attention to this aspect and many more was a pleasure as this is a hilarious movie and is also unbelievably well made. The direction, the acting, the beautiful set design and cinematography, everything manages to stand out. Everything is perfect in my eyes. I’ve got no problems with this at all, I love every second of this movie.

Grade: A+

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