Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me

Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me

"I love you, Donna...but I don't want you to be like me.

A friend once described this film to me as a very bad Twin Peaks entry, but a terrific film about a girl coping with the aftermath of abuse. I both agree and disagree with that sentiment to various extents.

It does give added context to the show's original run [disclaimer: I have NOT seen The Return yet], but it doesn't really provide answers. But then again, "answers" are antithetical to Twin Peaks' existence – and, to a greater extent, Lynch's own M.O. Twin Peaks is not about solving the mystery but trying to live with it.

Likewise, Laura's journey isn't necessarily trying to find out why Bob has been abusing her, or why the town is riddled with off-kilter occurrences. The world is cruel and it is full of pain and suffering that we'll never fully comprehend. Rather, Laura's journey is about how she learns to cope with the events' after effects and what she does with that knowledge. Laura doesn't break down so much as she splits down the middle – a good and a bad side, an angel and a demon – and by doing so martyrs herself to the cruelty of life so that her loved ones may be shepherded away to safety. FWWM does not explain the Black Lodge, nor the Chalfonts, nor Garmonbozia – it just further elaborates on the horrors that exist behind the façade of idyllic Americana.

An elaboration on tragedy, the truly never-ending mystery. Let's rock.

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