Promising Young Woman

Promising Young Woman ★★★★

gonna be rewatching all oscar nominated performances/films and i'm gonna say again that this gives you such a unique viewing experience, and the screenplay is fantastic, really rooting for that to win. i still am unsure as to my feelings towards the ending, but i think that's the whole point of it, and i can't deny that emerald fennell has a great eye for filmmaking. it has so many layers, and you can tell the set design, costume design, editing etc, were thought about in great depth. 3 oscar noms for her first film. not bad.

carey mulligan seems to be the frontrunner for best actress, and i can still see why. she does a great 'i'm about to humiliate you and make you realise you're a hypocritical piece of shit' face, which is very vital to this role lmao. she's also someone who's due an oscar (how did she not win for 'an education'??????) so i would be v v happy for her if she won!

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