Mank ★★½

best picture nominees #2 - as of now my 8th choice out of the 8

haven't watched this since december, and i think upon my second viewing i have a better opinion of it. it's obviously a brilliantly made film, and it further proves how much of an artistic genius david fincher is - the fact that he's so heavily involved with every part of the filmmaking process, matched with how technical and huge of a production this is shows how he directed the absolute shit of out this. but, for me, this is by far my least favourite film of his. it's just a bit dull, and nothing was really stopping me from turning it off. i can usually sit down and watch a film without getting distracted but i had to actively stop myself from looking out the window or going on my phone. i'm sorry dave :( sorry to this man

in terms of the oscars, i can understand all the nominations in the technical categories, and it deserves the win for production design. but gary oldman being nominated is so confusing because he doesn't do anything particularly new or exciting. i definitely would've preferred to have seen delroy lindo in his spot. amanda seyfried is the light of the film, and it's not really an "acting showcase" for her but there's something about the way she plays her character that's so interesting to watch, and i'm happy that she's now 'academy award nominee amanda seyfried'.

i don't find it that enjoyable to watch and i really don't know why, and i wish i liked it more just because it's fincher, but i'm happy it's gotten recognition and i can see why some people absolutely love it. just not for me

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