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Avengers Endgame is a perfect film from start to finish. Every second of this film is pure magic, and its a crime this wasn’t nominated for best picture, original score, adapted Screenplay, cinematography, leading actor for Robert Downey Jr DEAR GOD he’s phenomenal, supporting actress for Karen Gillan, and Director for the Russo’s. 

This film is just one big rollercoaster of emotions. There has been no movie that makes me cry in the first 10 minutes. No film has ever done that, but Endgame did. “When I drift off I’ll think of you”. DEAR FREAKING GOD, that line pulls at my Damn heart strings every time. 

And it just keeps going, with the constant reminders that everyone’s practically gone I mean there’s no break in the emotions of this film and there balanced perfectly by the way the film flows. 

Then to perhaps one of the most intense crying sessions of my life which was Black Widows death scene. This scene is made to cry over. If you didn’t feel some sort of emotion while watching this scene for the first time you are not a human. This scene wrecked me, and when I say wrecked I mean WRECKED! I was using tissues left and right during that scene, and the suspense leading up to the death wondering who was gonna do it was to much for my Heart. I just can’t imagine how hard this was for Scarlet and Jeremy to film. 

Then the emotion keeps going to the final fight scene, when everyone comes back, NOW! My theater was filled to the very last seat when i saw this for the first time, as I imagine y’all’s were as well, and when everyone came out of those portals, everyone in my theater was cheering so loud, and I was apart of it, I felt bad for the film next to us cause there was no way they didn’t hear us. 

The emotions start to go happy tears as Tony hugs Peter, that was a bitter sweet moment for me, it was like Father hugging Son, So Sweet. 

Then more happy tears, cause if you know me I’m a Scarlet Witch FAN BOY I’m obsessed with Scarlet Witch, so could you imagine me, in the theater, reacting to when she was fighting Thanos BY HERSELF, an d kicking his purple ASS. I was going nuts! That scene was perfect, and symbolized powerful female roles can take things on themselves. 

And then the Russo’s turn my happy tears back into Sad, Welcome to Depression tears with Tony’s death scene. As far as I could tell there was not one dry eye in my theater during this scene, I saw grown men crying, that’s how you know this is Cinema, Cinema is supposed to grabbed the unexpected and make you feel those emotions you may not feel in regular life, and that scene, proves the power of film.

And when I think the depression is over, we have the funeral scene that goes to a shot of the Proof Tony Stark has a Heart, and OMG my tear ducts had had enough, I wanted to cry when I saw that but like Ariana Grande “I had no tears left to cry”

But, then, THEN, we see Cap got to live out his life with Peggy, and they show them dancing in there home, and as they get closer, the intro of my favorite song in the world “It’s been a Long, Long time” starts to play, and when they kiss, it ends, and the lyrics play(I’m crying while typing about it) I mean what a perfect ending to a film, top 2 of the decade. Top 2 of all time, I mean GOD DAMN! That song was the most perfect choice for the ending of this movie. 

And the technicals of this film are insane as well. The cinematography is gorgeous, every shot was made with such fine camera work from Trent Opaloch, and the Score by Alan Silvestri was snubbed BRUTALLY by the academy last year. I mean Portals was enough for me to say, OK, DAMN! HERE’S YOUR OSCAR MR. SIlVESTRI. 

And the more I watch this the more I realize that Downey should’ve been nominated for Leading Actor cause he gives the most perfect performance of his life. Most of the time he’s played Iron Man I’m able to find a flaw in his performance, but that was DEFINITELY not the case for Endgame, he was PHENOMENAL, snubbed 100%

This film is perfect, Good Day.

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