Men Behind the Sun

Men Behind the Sun ★★★

“Men Behind the Sun” (1988), is entrancingly repulsive! A monolithically damning experience that puts audience members in the midst of some of Japan’s biggest atrocities. This film displays inhumane barbarity in ways that are far from gratifying. The special effects as well as with the film’s surprisingly large scale are legitimately impressive when considering the astoundingly small budget of only 200,000 dollars. The attempt to have a cohesive story, genuine character progression, and even bits of cruelly timed levity are all also welcoming traits when considering how blandly superficial most films of this caliber usually are. The goals and intentions of the film feel nastily ill-advised, though the meticulousness of trying to reenact such shocking events is surprisingly compelling. Nothing can prepare you for this film. You will be absolutely shellshocked once you learn a thing or two about what this feature shockingly recreates.

6 out of 10