Favorite films

  • The Place Beyond the Pines
  • Paddington
  • Luca
  • Atlantis: The Lost Empire

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  • Going Home


  • Crosswalk


  • Playing with Sharks


  • The Happiest Guy in the World


Recent reviews

  • Jungleland



    What if warrior, drive, the Florida project and Mississippi Grind came together into a melancholic sucker punch that knocked you to the floor and never stops coming. 

    I really Loved this. Fantastic performances across the board especially Charlie Hunnam they all absolutely ooze character and feeling. Such a real, raw and outright dream like Film That shows the American nightmare in full swing. Perfectly capturing poverty, addiction and the desperation it takes to get by.

    Beautiful cinematography by Damian Garcia, I…

  • Within a Minute: The Making of Episode III

    Within a Minute: The Making of Episode III


    One of the most comprehensive and in depth behind the scenes ive ever seen and it was genuinely more effective in educating than some of my university modules. Taking 90 seconds of the mustfar fight scene and breaking down every single departments role, inputs and responsibilities and how they all link together to create the final scene. Complete with spider diagrams and an insane level of detail It really showcases just how hard filmmaking is and how important the work and collbaration of its crew is.

    It’s free to watch on YouTube here : youtu.be/VgS3pt0yMvs

Popular reviews

  • 1917



    Go see it right now, and again for good measure. 

    Andre Tarkovsky thought that film was about sculpting time, I think 1917 is just that. How do you manage to edit something for narrative moments, tension and feeling when the camera never cuts? How can you get a film that has better cinematography than other movies that have had complete control over each single shot and detail in a scene. 

    This isn’t a gimmic, one shot movies have been around…

  • Treasure Planet

    Treasure Planet


    Probably my 100th watch or so of one of my favourite films of all time. I originally watched this in a grand 1930’s empty cinema on a cold February in a sleepy sea side town and it transported me to another world and kicked off my dreams of making films. With the warmth and magic from seeing this as a child coming back to me every time I watch it, like I’m still sitting in the grand old dream palace…