Sausage Party

Sausage Party

Oh for fuck sake, I just knew I should have turn off this piece of shit right after that God awful song at the beginning. Because that was perfect indication of what kind of stupid nonsense awaits me in the next 80 minutes.
Look, I dont mind sex jokes or stupid jokes (after all I love all AMERICAN PIE movies), but this...this was totally unfunny to me! I didn't laughed once, I maybe chuckled once or twice, and that's it. Plus, halfway through the movie I just lost interest and I start surfing the internet on my smartphone, waiting to see that infamous sex orgy scene.
Interesting thing is, idea behind SAUSAGE PARTY was actually great, and this actually had a potential to be funny, and some jokes almost worked...but in the end, it fall flat on it's "sausage".

And speaking of sex is some advice for Seth Rogen. I know he wont read this, but still, it's worth a try. Dude! Make a goddamn porn movie all ready!! We all know you want to do it, so grown a pair and do it! Make your dream come true!!

Anyway, if you really wanna watch a cartoon for adults, cartoon that is sexist, offensive and politically incorrect, and above all, its freaking funny! Watch BOOGIE! Although, it doesn't have a sex orgy scene, so that's a bummer....

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