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  • The Devil Rides Out
  • Yearning
  • The Hills of Disorder
  • Donovan's Reef

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  • Jungle Cruise


  • Arrombada - I Will Piss in Your Grave

  • Nina Wu


  • That Lady in Ermine


Recent reviews

  • The Sun Shines Bright

    The Sun Shines Bright


    More than a film, this is a whole way of breaking through to something that feels both true & fictitious. Which means it cops the full spectrum of bits of existence such as we can IMAGINE they are.

    Actually, that’s what films are about. Some get to that, as in this case.

  • Moontide



    Weird scenes inside the goldmine with this one.

    Gabin’s character is practically a proto-beat, very much like Neal Cassady, from the charming manners to the skilled fighting. Can’t forget the boozing.

    Then Lupino steps in and the whole mise-en-scene turns to 1930s depression, later changing gears again to accomodate the sinister backdrop of killing.

    Now that’s a ride along the wharf. True gold.

Popular reviews

  • Face to Face

    Face to Face


    In the opening credits there are iconic images of wagons & lettering in typical western fonts. Right away the wagons are treated as an Andy Warhol’s pop painting, with colours and repetition in split screens.

    A clear break from the past? Not really, more like a demarcation of intentions, which means to state how torches are passed, how true art walks the line between past troves and future possibilities.

    Best text about this film and its director, from the best cinema magazine around:


  • The Murdered House

    The Murdered House


    Os ossos do barão revirados pelo “faulkner do méier” e embalados pelo jobim da mata.

    PCS como um renoir desbotado, mas não menos vivo.