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  • Things Heard & Seen

    Things Heard & Seen


    The film tackles gaslighting, abuse, mental health and violence in a very clever way. It did not need the supernatural element at all but I understand why it was incorporated. It's important to remind people that the horror in this film is real. The pain is real. The women we have lost are real. Every woman is a potential victim, and most of us are survivors by chance.

  • Germany Year Zero

    Germany Year Zero


    Sickening. Haunting. & in a way, highly prophetic.
    The scene where they discuss the father's body & whether he is worthy of a 'coffin' or a 'paper sack' hit me in the face. Do people ever survive wars?
    This film is about abandoned histories and narratives. It's about the invisibilized struggles that are often pushed under the rug because they are uncomfortable for us to acknowledge. It's both our past and present, and disturbingly, our future.
    The film doesn't tackle the politics…

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  • Solo: A Star Wars Story

    Solo: A Star Wars Story

    My main gripe with Solo is that it’s just another unnecessary film in this age of unnecessary films. Han Solo is an iconic character and he has his story within the original Star Wars films which culminates in The Force Awakens, his arc is clear and well done. Then comes Solo, in which the powers that be decided it was necessary to explain every detail of Han’s life down to how he got his last name(which, by the way, is…

  • Laura



    A flawless classic piece of cinema.

    Laura is easily one of my favorite noir-thrillers. Mainly because of its brilliant ending that unfurls in a haze of half-realised suspicions, crazed revelations and elaborate contrivances. David Raksin's music heightened, adding an emotional gaze to the most basic exchanges At the movie’s close, time literally has stopped for at least one individual, while leaving the suggestion that in time all things will eventually be revealed out in the open.

    The most memorable scene…