Promising Young Woman ★★

yeah i don't really understand why people have been praising this so much. a real shit show really, confuses itself multiple times while trying to assertively define itself as this empowering film that understands the nuances of such sensitive topics, but i'm honestly not sure that it ever really knew what it was doing. carey mulligan is amazing as always but wasn't enough to save this, bo burnham was cool (until he wasn't i guess, just changes completely for the sake of it) a refreshingly solid aspect of a frustrating movie until his character did a 180°. the needledrops were out of place, try-hard and annoying; reminding me of how reliant some pieces of media are on music being the driving force of a scene. it lacked any kind of real emotional depth, substituting moments of real clarity and restraint for big lavish gestures that ultimately did nothing for the subject matter or the characters. it doesn't do enough with anything, everything felt so very surface-level and generalised, unwilling to go further into anything meaningfully. nothing was learned, nothing was gained, i'm honestly just really disappointed.

it's trying to be this witty self-aware comedy thing but also a serious contemporary drama with a strong social message, but really just fails at both. the ending fell completely flat, didn't do much of anything for me emotionally, and didn't ultimately service or help conclude anything that had happened or had been established in the movie in a meaningful way. it's a film about paying for your actions and realising the effect they can have on people, it just didn't articulate that very well nor reflect all that much on the very culture it's ultimately criticising. even technical elements of this film weren't standout, and the dialogue was dry and boring. i get what it's going for, it just didn't make any kind of impact

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