• The Martian

    The Martian


    Mars will come to fear my botany powers.

    The US government spent too much money rescuing Matt Damon a few times now (ie. Saving Private Ryan), and each rescue attempt is a cinematic flourish. Not being a man of science, I can't question the scientific aspects of The Martian's plot but the plot itself is gripping. This sci-fi flick deserves praises for its direction, visual effects, set design, musical score and cinematography - with the ensemble cast doing marvelously too. The thrilling effect of the rescue adventure never wore off until the ending, sustaining a crowd pleaser tone that's both intelligent and funny.

  • The Boy

    The Boy

    Adult Brahms is kinda ripped, eh?

    From act one, The Boy easily showed signs of being a wild thriller with an out of the box concept and slow burn pace. The acting is fine and the non-horror elements of the plot kept the movie flowing. The set design also go hand in hand with our creepy doll for an extra unsettling feel.

    However, The Boy lacked creativity and the scares are nothing but horror tropes done weakly (two dream sequences?…

  • 2012



    2012 is a big budgeted disaster film depicting the end of the world based on the Mayan calendar prediction. Many bemoan the length of 2hrs and 40mins but the runtime managed to give every single character a moment to shine. The plot development is totally entertaining, and despite many sequences that lept the realm of possibility, 2012 is a strong thrill ride. John Cusack as a dad trying to save his family is fine work, so did Chiwetel Ejiofor, Amanda…

  • What's Your Number?

    What's Your Number?


    Expectations were low coming in, but romantic comedy What's Your Number scored high for me. A lot of things it hit right - the casting of a glorious and comedy sharp Anna Faris, her believable chemistry with charming Chris Evans, a well picked soundtrack, good pacing, and few camera techniques straight off a psychological thriller. The script is insanely funny too (Faris' delivery brings it up a notch) and I was laughing the whole time. There're filler scenes this movie…

  • Django Unchained

    Django Unchained


    Man, Leonardo DiCaprio is viciously intense in this period classic drama Django Unchained; his performance is peak disturbing and wildly electric he should've won an Oscar. I'm floored. Christoph Waltz waltzed in each scene with perfect dialogue delivery and Jamie Foxx's performances is top notch as well, aided by supports from Kerry Washington and Samuel L. Jackson. Every scene they're all in raises the atmosphere off the roof. For acting alone, this film deserves four stars. The set design and…

  • The Medallion

    The Medallion

    The Medallion is an action comedy fantasy that's more goofball than kung fu outing. Jackie Chan's usual charismatic charms and his fine chemistry with Lee Evans gave The Medallion a little ray of hope but the overall execution is, to put it plainly, terrible! From the tedious storytelling and skewed transitions to uncoordinated fight scenes and lame scripting, Jackie's fans would feel blindsided by this cartoonish movie.

  • Bird Box

    Bird Box

    Sandra Bullock stars in Bird Box, a post apocalyptic horror about people being driven to suicide by an unseen force. This Netflix hit (remember how in 2018 everyone is talking about this?) is pretty much short of its intriguing potential, and the storytelling staggered in manifesting a tense atmosphere. Bullock gave a decent performance, as does another impeccable acting from the ever reliable John Malkovich, but this is no match to the slow pace and stale thrills of Bird Box.…

  • The Babysitter

    The Babysitter

    What it lacked in scares, it supplanted in campy fun - The Babysitter is a comedy horror about a tween who discovered that his babysitter is a murderous cult member. There're definitely shiny moments on the fun department, and the color hues are aesthetically visual. Child actor who looked like young Hailee Steinfeld and Samara Weaving delivered well, but overall, this movie is mediocre at best - too talkative first act, cardboard characters, skewed transitions, and irrational storytelling, among other bizarre artistic choices by Director McG. Could've been great.

  • Howl's Moving Castle

    Howl's Moving Castle

    Howl's Moving Castle is sensory overload.

    This Ghibli Studio beloved animated film is filled with exotic landscapes and quirky characters, top notch animation, and themes that enchants both the young and young at heart - but combined these technicalities with a weak climax and topsy turvy storytelling, you get a movie that's baffling and broken. Howl's Moving Castle touched several topics from the effects of War, overcoming repression, a positive outlook on aging - all of which are commendable. Yet,…

  • Rebecca


    The 2020 Rebecca is a stylish, gothic romance-horror wannabe starring Lily James and Armie Hammer. Boring, lazy and dull - this movie's only saving grace is the effective acting, glorious wardrobe and delectable cinematography. But despite all the miserable errors and miscalculations, I could've given this a four-star rating had Maxim just called Mrs. De Winter "Elio".

  • Daredevil


    Atmosphere wise, Daredevil hit it right with a dark aura and an almost humorless, heavy approach.

    Everything else is a miss.

    As a superhero movie, Daredevil felt second rated and uninspired. The fight scenes aren't finetuned and looked as if they're still practicing the stunts. Jennifer Garner is alright as Elektra but the performances of both Ben Affleck as the titular superhero and Colin Farrell as Bullseye are gutter bad. There ain't a lot of strong moments to establish the…

  • Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol

    Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol


    Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol is a satisfying continuation of Tom Cruise's action spy film. This stylish and explosive sequel won't disappoint fans of the franchise who expected death defying action sequences, high tech gadgets, well-choreographed fight scenes, and locations utilized to maximum effect. Tom Cruise delivered yet again as Ethan Hunt, and knowing he performed all his stunts is just wowza. Series newcomers Paula Patton and Jeremy Renner offered good supports as well. Ghost Protocol - in my opinion - is a gloss away from the luster of M:I 3 because the plot relied on too much implausibility but this movie is breathtaking overall.