The Witch

The Witch ★★★

The Witch is a supernatural horror film about a family who experienced sinister forces upon living on the edge of a forest. Creepy and dreadful, Robert Eggers succeeded in building haunting atmosphere scene after scene after scene. The hysteria heightens as the movie goes, closing with a commendable climax. Anya Taylor-Joy's debut is coarse, but is forgivable and still compliant to the scares. The Old English didn't turned me off as the casting felt natural. In short, this is authenticity in it's finest.

However, The Witch felt pointlessly grim. Like how we sometimes fool ourselves into being scared by a pointless lore. That is exactly the journey. The Witch is supposed to be metaphorical - something to do with religion, hysteria or female empowerment - but maybe I'm cursed by that damned goat not to appreciate it.

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