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  • Four Sisters and a Wedding

    Four Sisters and a Wedding


    Four Sisters And A Wedding is movie that's both grand and familiar. A kind of story you can easily relate especially when you have sibling issues. Screentime wise, I felt like Toni Gonzaga and Bea Alonzo were given more material to work with, leaving Shaina Magdayao and Angel Locsin little room to shine - which Locsin did when she dragged Mocha Uson! We want a repeat!

  • Crawl



    The most anxiety inducing movie watch of my 2021, so far.

    Crawl is a nature horror film about a father-daughter stuck at home with alligators while a storm ranges on. This thriller wasted no time creating suspense; setting up a quick character backstory before immediately falling into action-packed category. A brisk pacing also helped, considering the runtime of just above 90mins. Kaya Scodelario may not be a strong actress, but her resilience and agility - crawling in that disgusting basement,…

Popular reviews

  • The Mule

    The Mule


    My introduction to Clint Eastwood and I love it.

    The Mule is a crime drama about an old, broke horticulturist who became a cartel drug mule. The direction of Eastwood himself is fine (for a man in his 90s that's impressive) and the human elements are compelling to look at. Eastwood and co-stars Bradley Cooper, Dianne West and Ignacio Serricchio gave decent performances too, while the subtle social commentaries - calling a black family negros, random POC drivers stopped for…

  • Superman Returns

    Superman Returns

    Apparently, Superman Returns recieved a lot of hate, with critics describing it as lackluster and sleep inducing, but this superhero flick actually is a decent remake.

    The overall tone is consistent, amplified by Bryan Singer's somehow deft direction. There's tenderness and warmth that DC Studios' Man Of Steel lacks. Plus, the right mix between romance, action and mystery is exhilarating.

    The Kryptonite: Superman Returns is starving for more fight sequences and the duration is just loooong. Brandon Routh looked the…