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  • Lady Snowblood

    Lady Snowblood


    I've seen a whole lot of one-person missions of vengeance on screen, but I don't think I've ever seen a grimmer portrait of the ultimate futility of a revenge-driven life. Meiko Kaji is incomparable as an unstoppable but refreshingly fallible assassin who was conceived, born, and raised with the sole purpose of killing the backwoods gangsters who killed her father and brother and raped and tortured her mother.

    This isn't a heavy-handed, "true revenge is an impossibility" tale either. There's…

  • The Space Children

    The Space Children


    Several families of government researchers arrive at a remote seaside trailer park to begin testing an atomic rocket, only to be derailed by a glowing blob of cave goop that mesmerizes their children into becoming telekinetic agents of peace.

    Jack Arnold is working with no budget and a pocketful of Cold War cliches here, but he puts together a surprisingly sober and somber parable of innocence and hubris. It helps that the overcast seaside locations and rocky terrain give the…

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  • Magic


    Anthony Hopkins is a massively successful ventriloquist named Corky and Ann-Margaret is occasionally naked. If you need more than that, we're very different people.

  • Horror Express

    Horror Express


    Look, obviously when a movie starts out with Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing on a Trans-Siberian train battling an otherworldly shapeshifter that eats brains with its eyes, eventually you're going to get around to Telly Savalas in a deep red smoking jacket beating the hell out of a Rasputinesque monk in a crowded dining car. Fortunately, the stylish execution makes up for the same-old same-old plot.