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  • The Ascent
  • Seven Samurai
  • Until the End of the World
  • Boy & the World

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  • The French Dispatch

  • Dune

  • Over the Garden Wall

  • Venom: Let There Be Carnage

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  • The Empire Strikes Back

    The Empire Strikes Back

    This is a perfect example of what a sequel should do. The writers developed the characters. At first, I wasn't sure I liked Leia and Han's relationship because it seems like she gives in when Han forces himself upon her when they are trapped in the cave. But caves are symbolic of going deeper in the human psyche, something Joseph Campbell explored in his research. So I think Leia has this journey of realizing her feelings. As a leader, she…

  • Proxima


    This film is so great! I love the focus on Sarah's identities as a mother and as an astronaut. This film did a great job at making me empathize with her struggles and successes in both these identities. I love the coloring of this film. I love how the premise is used in relation to the shots of nature and the mundane things in life because, knowing she won't be seeing them for much longer, I empathize how the things…

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  • City of Women

    City of Women

    At first I didn’t like how this was a spiritual-esque sequel to 8 1/2, as the main character is the same person. I liked where his journey ended. But now I think this is Fellini’s way of expressing that women are not just an accumulation of his fantasies. In this film, the man sees how women are more complex than how our beauty culture values a woman’s worth. In the last shot, though he can never truly understand what it’s…

  • Dune


    Before I review this movie, which I definitely have to see a second time because it was very good, I have to explain my experience with the book. I attempted reading the massive 900 page novel in college…my mistake. Looking back, I was always very stressed during my time at college, starting and finishing essays the morning they were due, never finishing over half the books I was assigned to read in my four years of undergrad. So how could…

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  • A Confucian Confusion

    A Confucian Confusion

    So Qiqi is engaged to Ming, Molly is engaged to Akeem, Larry and Feng live together, Molly's sister is the TV show host and she's married to the author who use to write romance novels a.k.a. the reincarnated Confucius. And then Birdy gets around, he has a thing with Molly and Feng. Not sure which one is Liren. So yeah kind of confusing for sure. The pacing at the beginning starts at a run and never loses speed. But I…

  • Sound of Metal

    Sound of Metal

    This is an excellent movie! I love how it uses sound artfully, and to represent this community. I love the themes: content with the silence, but also with life and how it continues to move as we figure out who we are in life. I love the message of finding home and how relationships are what define home, and the healing that is brought out of that struggle. Also love that little nod to Kiki's Delivery Service :) This is a very beautiful film!