Hammer of the Gods

Hammer of the Gods ½

Oh my god, that was aweful.

"Hammer Of The Gods" sees a group of vikings going on a journey and no additional details are really needed. One of them is looking for his brother. Blabla.

The look badly mimics "Valhalla Rising" as does some of the soundtrack and the plot. But no intriguing symbolism is to be found here and definetly no great acting, especially not on a Mads Mikkelsen level and of course also no Refn worthy cinematography.
It also borrows shamelessly from "Apocalypse Now" (well from "Heart of Darkness") but as the execution of everything is piss poor and there's barely any proper characterisation that is another inspiration that feels offensive. Not good.

The opening action sequence establishes how deranged and dumb the whole flick is. Each main "character" gets introduced as with a swing of his sword or axe the image slows down and his name appears in big letters like in a videogame. A bad videogame at that. It's really, really bad and sets a fake and artifical tone in what otherwise often tries to be a gritty viking movie with a desaturated colour palette and graphical violence.

The pacing is totally off with some parts trying to establish the atmosphere of an epic journey but no good score or interesting characters to fill and suplement that. Then the next obligatory action sequence comes with guitar riffs smashing at your head and some so so choreographies ensuing.
Sounds like total random shite? Well, it is.

"Hammer Of The Gods" manages to make vikings look boring and retarded. That's definetly an accomplishment albeit a very bad one. Stay away from this at all cost and watch something better. For the spiritual viking journey watch Refn's "Valhalla Rising" for the big action adventure "The Vikings" starring Kirk Douglas. Hell, even "Thor" is a more appropriate viking movie, although it's a disney comic book adaption.