Guardians of the Galaxy

Guardians of the Galaxy ★★★

A slightly more outlandish rag tag group than usual fights against your typical, painfully generic and boring MCU villain (the only one with a personality and charisma is Loki PERIOD) to save the world, in this case meaning not just earth but the whole galaxy, with the obligatory quips and conflicts between the group, the obligatory almost sacrifice from one of them, one of the more boring forced romances and another aerial battle showdown because every Marvel screenwriter is contractually obliged to include one.

The nice chemistry between our main characters makes it an enjoyable romp anyway, but for me it was a constant battle between yawning and smirking with two or three times of actual laughter thrown in between. It’s actually pretty amazing how a film with a talking Racoon and a Vin Diesel voiced Tree can feel so formulaic and boring at times.
At least the brawls, albeit edited too fast to be really enjoyable, relied more on slow motion than on that horrible shaking that still bogged The Winter Soldier (and most Hollywood films in Post-Bourne times) down.

Depending on your level of Marvel fatigue Guardians of the Galaxy might be more or less enjoyable than it was for me. I personally just can’t help but laugh at all the pre-release mumbo jumbo about taking chances and doing something out there now.
This is a classic, by the numbers MCU film and actually one of the more straight forward ones, unlike the muddled, inconsistent mess that was Thor: The Dark World for example.
Bottom line: Been there, done that, seen that shite a thousand times but it was nice anyway.

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