Tenet ★★★★

I have been waiting a year to watch this film. As an absolute Nolan fanboy I was of course very hyped. What makes Tenet so special why I think that this movie gets better every time I watch it. Tenet convinces with fantastic pictures that will remain unforgotten and with very good action scenes. The movie is very fast, one scene follows the other. It was shot in many different places, which shows the most different locations, you have the feeling that you are in several places at any time. The actors are all very convincing, of course you could criticize Nolan that the characters have no depth and are written very superficially, but that doesn't harm the film at all. The music by Ludwig Göransson, who replaces Hans Zimmer here, does a great job. The music is a force that creates great tension and gives the film a great quality. Nolan, who likes to use physical aspects in many of his films and likes to build time into his films, takes it to the extreme here. Tenet was personally the most complex film I've ever seen. Although Nolan, as usual, has a lot of explaining to do in his film, I was not able to retrace all the actions. I walked out of the cinema with a lot of question marks. You can imagine it like this, making a puzzle has put together some pieces, but you can't create the whole picture. Nolan forces his viewers to detach themselves from thoughts that time only runs in one direction. It's not just that Nolan wants us to deal with the film, he wants us to discuss it. I have to say that the movie is fantastic but Nolan has overdone it a little bit. He tortures us with a flood of information and with an understanding of time that is not easy to digest. When we watch a movie for the second, third and fourth time we lose our enjoyment every time we watch it. Nolan has managed to invent this feeling and Tenet gets better every time we watch it.

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