Promising Young Woman

Promising Young Woman ★★★

just a very unremarkable movie. i appreciate the effort but i don’t feel as though anybody truly benefitted from its existence. the message is counterproductive when not convoluted and the film seems confused as to what exactly it wants to say, what it wants to achieve and what level of realism it even wants to sit on. not giving the viewer a clear-cut moral code isnt the problem here- it’s more about what the film wants us to do with these conflicting ideas once it is over. morally ambiguous characters can be useful, but not when they are meant to spearhead the message at the end of the film. cassie shows restraint just as much as she indulges in revenge. i can appreciate the choice to make justice bittersweet. but i cant move past how hollow, how ineffective everything seems to be. i just don’t know who exactly this movie is for.