This probably ends up being the last movie I see in a theater for a while, and you know what? Not a bad one to go out on! I actually wanted to see Pig, but the projector broke down, so here we are.

The idea that this dialogue is "bad" annoys me. It's just very self-aware. Shyamalan knows that you know what the movie is about, and if you go in knowing that he knows you know, then you know he's being very on the nose because he thinks that's funny. I mean he literally casts himself as the guy filming these characters. What are people not getting about this?

Anyway, this is no Signs, but it's very funny. And also very personal. The characters don't go particularly deep, but their journeys towards death feel real.

Jeeze, imagine if I had been on the Old island. My ball would've become ginormous. Now that's funny! Maybe for the sequel.

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