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  • Ema


    White feminism? 
    Written by men?
    A white woman dancing awkwardly and saying it’s reggaetón?
    Lesbian semi-porn directed by a straight man?

    It’s just a long Nike ad mixed with a Nicolas Jaar's music video and with great songs de la Tomasa del Real. This is a film by white Latinos just to jerk off each other.

    Just no.

  • A Dog Called Money

    A Dog Called Money

    I’m really tired of white people making them the center of all problems and taking "inspiration" of other people's suffering. 

    I still find PJ Harvey's music so beautiful, but her approach to the people portrayed in the film through her texts and music, enhanced by the director's gaze,  feels very patronizing and far from being the empathetic film and album that they think they are doing.

    It wouldn’t be better to use your platform as a white musician working in…