Moxie ★★★½

So, what’s new with teen life, these days?

Always complaining about getting old, addicted to pizza; Amy Poehler might just be my spirit animal. Anyways, what a stunning glow-up on her second feature as a director.

A bit clumsy, and sometimes blatantly shameless in the message it tries to convey, Moxie is never less than a riveting teen narrative that took me by surprise and rocked my night.

Blazing fiery and fiercely as a radically feminist vehicle for young girls, as a cis white adult guy I don’t feel like I’ll be the most suited person to convey how important this film is. But it is, big time, and I really hope it finds its audience of young females, and perhaps show the ones who need it that there’s a different and more fulfilling path ahead, and that all they have to do is to want it.

The undeniable social awakening in the past half-decade is here to stay; and granted, in 2021, it’ll be six years since I finished high school, an era of my life that I loved immensely, but during which I also got to witness a lot of shit. Moxie is fiction, but I really like to believe that kids these days stand up for themselves in a more substantial way than we did; that girls are fully aware of how and why they’re worthy, that more guys are unshakeable allies, that this film isn’t entirely a coming-of-age fantasy.

Besides that, Hadley Robinson, Alycia Pascual-Pena, Lauren Tsai and Nico Hiraga are these tiny forces of nature, and I pray they’ll land lots of big projects from this day on.

Finally, to highlight the bolt of joy this gem sent right through my veins— it won’t come as a surprise to those who know me —, it drops a cover of Bryan Adams’s Heaven along the way. A tiny detail, but I’m a sucker for those.

I want to see this ranking 1st on the Top 10 this weekend.

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