Tenet ★★

I'm ready to be hated...

First of all I want to say that this film is the most overrated of this decade, I couldn't enjoy...

Okay Is a film boring but it has some good scenes unfortunately most of them were unnecessary.
I mean the plot could have finished much earlier, being this thing a great problem.
Really two hours and half of film was too much and that is the lead problem.

A sci-fi film but with a lot of problems, without has any amazing performance as this kind of films deserves.
I'm still waiting for a memorable interpretation of Robert Pattinson, maybe he will get it in the new Batman, or maybe not...

Anyway a film too long and personally it couldn't catch up my attention.
The best in this "noisy" film is how it begun , so amazing no words about it.
Built and cars exploding, many bullets and guns.
Really I can't describe this movie in other way

But unfortunately the rest of this film is boring and kinda weak, bad narrated without nothing special.

Sorry my friends😐😐

🔙 The Virgin Spring

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