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  • Fitzcarraldo
  • The Bridges of Madison County
  • Everybody Wants Some!!
  • Mirror

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  • The Power of the Dog


  • Last Night in Soho

  • The Bridges of Madison County


  • Spider-Man 3


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  • The Power of the Dog

    The Power of the Dog


    Bronco Henry told me that a man was made by patience in the odds against him.

  • The Bridges of Madison County

    The Bridges of Madison County


    But how I wanted to share this. How would our lives have changed if I had? Could anyone else have seen the beauty of it?

    Hubo magia en esa sala. 
    Y tengo entendido que también hubo en todas las salas en la que está película se proyectó. Todos vimos esa belleza.

    La perfecta intensidad con la que está contada esta historia, realmente tiene poco compárate.
    Ahora mismo no recuerdo ver o sentir algo así en el cine. Absolutamente todos en…

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  • The Thing

    The Thing


    [last lines]
    "Well, what do we do?"

    "Why don't we just... wait here for a little while... see what happens?"

    Why can't I be Kurt Russell, with that amazing bear hair, immense great beard, and be quarantined in Antarctica full of snow, drinking J&B whiskey with The Thing?

    I love that ending. One of the most epic yet simple 'open' endings ever.

    It's all pretty cool.

  • Mountain of Storms

    Mountain of Storms


    Only three people here on Letterboxd, counting me, have watched this. That's a real pity.
    Because apparently, back in the old freewheelin´ days of Bob Dylan and Jack Kerouac (who wrote a book about mountain climbing poets), this film was a young spirited cult classic.

    It's the ultimate yet classic road trip, from sunny California to Cerro Fitz Roy here in Argentina.
    Five friends -the Fun Hogs- hit the road on the classic van, and go from surfing (with 60´s…