The Invisible Man

The Invisible Man ★★½

I wanted to watch Upgrade before this, but forgot Leigh Whannel directed this, and it's a real shame since even though I don't remember much from that movie, I still remember it being better and way more stylized.

It's even harder to believe he also wrote the screenplay because it's fucking terrible. Tons of cliches, average characters at best (just like the acting), abysmal sound design (especially during the action scenes), plenty of idiotic dialogue, generic score, and many annoying loud jumpscares (I thought we were passed this bullshit).

The direction is fine at best, the production design is pretty good, and that's about it. Elizabeth Moss gives the best performance and everyone else are either straight up bad or pretty decent. There's one shot involving Elizabeth's character in the kitchen which I thought was well done and unique.

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