Godzilla vs. Kong

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This review may contain spoilers.

I feel like the script writers were sitting around at a table, rapid-firing ideas and accepting every single one of them

Like, I was suspending disbelief until godzilla proposed that rap battle at the sixty minute mark... I understand that the director was trying to be original, but mechagodzilla's song was, firstly, not a rap, and secondly, clearly ripped off from the Kinks' "King Kong." And while I support the decision to finally merge with the TCU (teletubbie cinematic universe), I feel that making tinky-winky singlehandedly destroy kong was a bit self-indulgent. Plus, I didn't appreciate the twenty three minute intermission in which millie bobby brown just shouted slurs at the camera :/ all that aside, the film was a fun movie to watch with your family (just make sure to mute it during the forty minute godzilla X kong sex scene!) if you're looking for some lighthearted enjoyment.

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