Tenet ★★½

INCEPTION is my favorite nolan "this is all really complicated so let me explain it to you" movie. dreams are cool, things are explained in a more interesting way, it's emotionally affecting, the action is intense, it's the debut of the BWAAAAH film score. it's more than just the concept. i don't really care for INTERSTELLAR, but even there we see something beyond the Tesseract and the weird space shit (McConaughey's love for his daughter). TENET is technically impressive, has fine fights, gunfire, and explosions, and the performances are inoffensive. but it is ultimately suffocated by endless exposition that makes things more confusing and sucks the joy out of whatever else that happens on screen. it is purely about the premise. and you'd think this singular focus on sketching out the mechanics of the central plot device would make the story easier to understand, but it does the opposite. i had no idea what was going on at multiple points throughout the film. the dialogue is stale and the story fustratingly difficult to navigate. john david washington has a bright future ahead of him, robert pattinson does the robert pattinson thing, elizabeth debicki tries her best with a rather one-dimensional role, and kenneth branagh impersonates a Call of Duty villain. please no more time stuff, hollywood. i'm begging you.

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