Noise, Harsh Noise, Japanese Noise, Harsh Noise Wall, Power Electronics. Some early Industrial and No Wave. Focused mostly on documentaries and live performances but still including a few notable collaborations and soundtracks.

Not on Letterboxd but relevant:
Cult of Rage (1988) - A series of CBS reports by Mike Taibbi (Matt Taibbi's dad) about noisy industrial/performance art group Missing Foundation. The reports were later collected and bootleged. It's an interesting (and sensationalized) look at late 80's LES squatter culture and "combat music." "We will not act civilized in this fuckin' city." It's worth a watch.

Whitehouse released the Try and be Grateful (1984) VHS and several of their Live Action recordings have video versions.

Macrocephalous Compost I ('93), II ('94),…

  • People Who Do Noise
  • We Don't Care About Music Anyway
  • Kingdom of Noise: Japanese Noise Selection
  • Beyond Ultra Violence: Uneasy Listening by Merzbow
  • Armor of God
  • Making Our Own
  • The Noise
  • Kikoe
  • Incapacitants the movie
  • Music For Psychological Liberation
  • Nor Noise
  • Iconoclast
  • What About Me: The Rise of the Nihilist Spasm Band
  • Subcultural Revolution: Shanghai
  • Bising: Noise & Experimental Music in Indonesia
  • Vancouver Harsh Noise Purity
  • Deep Electronics Live
  • Vezdekhod
  • S.P.K. Despair
  • (Do You Remember) Piss Factory?
  • BiS Kaidan
  • Fuck You: Fucking Noise In China Now
  • Noise of Finland
  • Industrial Soundtrack for the Urban Decay
  • T.G.: Psychic Rally in Heaven
  • Live in Berlin
  • Lost Paradise: Riding Habit Harakiri
  • X Magazine Benefit
  • No Wave - Underground '80: Berlin - New York
  • Kill Your Idols
  • The Sequence of Parallel Bars
  • The Dead Man 2: Return of the Dead Man
  • Hail the Death of Summer
  • Heavy Electronics: Two Days of Agony
  • Schimpfluch-Gruppe ‎– Do-Ku
  • Bestial Burden
  • Night of the Succubus
  • Free as Dead
  • Other, Like Me
  • The Sound of Progress
  • Bad Blood for the Vampyr