• Meet the Hollowheads

    Meet the Hollowheads


    This starts off strong. A sci-fi comedy in a world where everything is delivered by a system of tubes and if you wander too far into the dark then you might fall off the edge. It feels a bit like Terrorvision and it looks like an episode of Pee Wee's Playhouse.

    Unfortunately, much of the middle section seems to forget that it's supposed to be parody. The creepy boss comes over for dinner with creaky tropes in tow. It's quickly…

  • Those Who Wish Me Dead

    Those Who Wish Me Dead


    Somehow this is the first movie with Taylor Sheridan writer or director that I've seen all the way through. Great cast for this one so it's too bad that nothing really happens and the dialogue is real silly.

  • The Stupids

    The Stupids

    This has moments of genuine weirdo greatness with the Christopher Lee Mr. Sender montage easily being the highlight. The costuming and the look of suburbia at night also make for some neat visuals. Still, it doesn't quite live up to its hidden gem potential.

    Sadly Stupids doesn't commit to the kind of surreal darkness of something like Meet the Applegates. The movie works when it focuses on Stanley Stupid's tabloid style conspiracy theories involving mail schemes and garbage stealing or…

  • The Dark Backward

    The Dark Backward


    Impressively dark, ahead of its time, and well deserving of its cult. If I had seen this back in high school it would have easily been an all time favorite and as it stands, it might still get there with another watch or two.

    I understand the Lynch comparisons with the Americana gone to seed atmosphere and the presence of Lara Flynn Boyle. There's also, as there is in pretty much any grime and fluid covered comedy, a John Waters…

  • Wrath of Man

    Wrath of Man

    I can finally say that my most recent theatrical movie going experience is not Impractical Jokers: the Movie.

    This ended up being a more grim Ritchie heist movie than I expected and the plot structure is unnecessarily convoluted. Still, the cast is real solid and it has some of the best action that Ritchie has ever done. I had a good time and it was just nice being in a dark room with people again.

  • The Sect

    The Sect


    A little too long and a little slower than I'd like. But it's still Soavi so naturally there are some incredible images and sequences. The heart on the subway, the evil sex bird, a prayer to Shub-Niggurath followed by some Hellraiser style face ripping, and the whole hell pit basement. There are things that are very much up my alley and will stick with me. I just wish it all added up to something more than it does.

  • Texas Chainsaw 3D

    Texas Chainsaw 3D


    3D gets used for a couple of contractually obligated chainsaws being waved at the screen but the director's real interest seems to be framing as many ass shots as possible.

    Undoubtedly of the dumbest and least sensical entries in the TCM franchise but that doesn't mean it's not entertaining. It takes some big swings and messes with the lore more than any entry other than The Next Generation. While this doesn't have the deep fried Texas weirdness, cast, or charm…

  • Clifford



    On my birthday, of all days, I could be so close to Dinosaur World and yet so far away.

  • Kate Bush: Live at the Hammersmith Odeon

    Kate Bush: Live at the Hammersmith Odeon

    Not my favorite era of Bush (the first two albums) but boy can she put on a show. The costumes, stage design, choreography, and a whole lot of mime work make this a fascinating watch. It makes perfect sense that she would go on to make something like The Dreaming.

  • The Sisters Of Mercy: Wake - In concert at the Royal Albert Hall

    The Sisters Of Mercy: Wake - In concert at the Royal Albert Hall


    I've been a fan of the Sisters, particularly Floodland, for years but didn't realize how beloved they are as a live band and how many bootlegs and fan recordings are out there as a result until recently. Because of that I've had a lot of live Sisters in rotation and have developed a deeper love for the earlier configurations of the band.

    Wake documents a show that works as swan song for the First and Last and Always era and…

  • Near Dark

    Near Dark


    The two leads and their romance plot are far and away the least interesting parts of this movie but everything around them is good enough for me not to especially care.

    Lance Henriksen and Bill Paxton both put in some career best work here. The aesthetics are somewhere between Badlands and when goth bands were dressing as spooky cowboys. The kicker bar sequence is an all time great bit of menace, blood, and scenery chewing.

    As I mentioned before, the…

  • David Blaine: Real or Magic

    David Blaine: Real or Magic

    I feel like there should be a third option Mr. Blaine.