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  • Love Exposure
  • Roaring Fire
  • Terrifying Girls' High School: Lynch Law Classroom
  • Battle Royale

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  • Soulmates


  • The Drownsman


  • Leprechaun 2


  • Ghost Town


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  • Soulmates


    I don’t think I’ve clocked in a movie on here in a couple of years, but I saw a couple of people just started following my account so I figured I’d give em…something.
    So I watched this garbage.
    Though the DVD I watched was called Evil Lives. Not to be confused with LiveEvil, another trash horror movie I’ve watched. Damn! I’ve watched so many just absolute trash horror movies. Like every once in a while I watch a disposable trash…

  • The Drownsman

    The Drownsman

    Shocktoberfest Horror Movie #33

    Okay I'm jumping way ahead on the reviewing every movie I watch thing, but I'm way behind, just haven't had the time, been out every night the past few weeks, and etc. etc. etc. So I'm just gonna do highlights from now on.
    This movie is not a highlight however. The Drownsman shouldn't even exist. It's crazy to me that it does. I'm not even done watching it yet. I just had to pause it to…

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  • Nukie



    In this current cinematic market of remakes and reboots, whatever happened to the cheapo, wrong headed, cash grab, knock off? Where can I go to find bargain bin "re-imaginings" of famous blockbusters? Don't tell me Asylum, because those guys mostly crank out garbage anyway....Except Z-Nation. That show's the shiiiit!!
    But, my point is, for me anyway, most of the time "bad" knock offs of studio blockbusters are more entertaining than the source material. None more so than E.T. knock offs.…

  • Carver's Gate

    Carver's Gate


    Who knew a Michael Pare butt shot on the back of a DVD case would be a selling point, but here we are.
    Once you get beyond the Michael Pare butt, which is wisely brief, tasteful, and right in the beginning of the movie so you don't spend the whole running time wondering, "when's it gonna happen?" Carver's Gate is actually a pretty phenomenal sci-fi, noir, action, horror film. By my standards it's awesome anyway. Most people will probably think…