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  • Space Jam: A New Legacy

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    Some of the songs were good (especially the opening one), one camera shot on the pink clouds was pretty good and the actor who played Felix (Beto Calvillo) was alright, but this was as cringe as I expected it to be.

    Setting aside it's cringey & offensive portrayal of someone with a severe form of autism (especially considering that the actress herself (Maddie Ziegler) is not autistic), the dialogue is so unnecessarily on-the-nose ("I must have dozed off during the meeting,"…

  • Space Jam: A New Legacy

    Space Jam: A New Legacy

    "How do you even CALL that a movie?"
    - Stan Marsh, South Park (S8E3)

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  • Parasite



    I guess I supported history last night.

    They did it. They really did it.

    I was praying to someone up there (don't know who, but somebody) for this to win, and it did.

    The First Film Not in English to win BP
    The First Palme D'or winner to win BP since 1955's Marty.

    I, as well as many people, will live to tell our grandchildren of this moment. I know it's clichéd, but it's so true.

    And if you…

  • Bohemian Rhapsody

    Bohemian Rhapsody

    I had a dream once where I realized that this movie wasn't as bad as I thought it was.

    What a horrible dream.