Tenet ★★★½

i have so many things to say! i'm exhausted now but let me get this all out now.

for starters, you all did warn me, i'm going to have to rewatch this tomorrow with subtitles because LORD.

John David Washington is the most gorgeous man imaginable and he's so talented too like oh my god. i would also like Elizabeth Debicki to step on me with her giant legs, she is so oh wow amazing. and Robert Pattinson is pretty too, so when all else fails this was still a win for the bisexuals

this had some really cool scenes, though. like some scenes really had me saying "OH WOW! oh wow! oh wow!" especially as the film progressed and some reveals were made and things started falling into place. which makes me excited to rewatch, maybe i'll appreciate it even more.

some parts dragged a bit, i'm not so sure if it needed to be 2 and a half hours, feels like some bits could've been cut out, and... it's a little dumb for such a self-serious movie, BUT... overall it's a cool concept, with such a talented cast and also attractive cast... i can not complain. i will be rewatching

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