Night Teeth

Night Teeth ★★½

it was so close to being something so good! so close! and i'm a little disappointed because i was actually so excited for this, but it just never clicked

it had really good scenes throughout, Debby Ryan and Lucy Fry had their fun little vampire action moments especially, and it had a few cute visuals like one scene especially had really cute color scheme / lighting. also the cast is just really good (though only like 3 of them had major roles) (everyone saying we're in the Megan Fox renaissance but here i am still waiting for her to get the roles she deserves) but i feel like if it had just stuck to a genre it could've benefited greatly. it wasn't funny enough to really be a good comedy, but it also wasn't scary. it wasn't really a romance. it was just a movie that got made

it did make a good case for more Jorge Lendeborg Jr. leading roles tho i liked him!

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