Moxie ★★★

i'm happy it was inclusive in the stories it told, since oftentimes media portrays feminism in a very one sided, Taylor Swift lens, this felt like it widened the scope a lot, though i suppose in the process sort of glossed over a lot of things.

i think the biggest crime here is how at the start it felt like Vivian and Lucy were going to be co-leads, but in the end they completely sidelined Lucy and it was painfully clear it was just Vivian's story. i think that was a missed opportunity considering for such a diverse cast of stories, to still focus it in so aggressively on Vivian feels like a mistake. it explores the other girls, but never to the same degree. nobody else develops or even gets a chance to... be a character. Vivian's friend calls her out for being privileged and ignorant to the issues women of color face in comparison to white women, but even then Vivian doesn't really... grow out of it? so the activism was flawed, but i do appreciate how it tried to widen the scope of the stories they portray.

anyways... Josephine Langford and Sydney Park were in this! i was so pleasantly surprised by that, i love them!

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