Dune ★★★½

it was so well done technically that i wish i saw it in theaters. the visuals, the sound, the score and all that. it'd be a cool ✨✨✨experience✨✨✨ and the acting was very strong all around even if they failed to enunciate sometimes  (rebecca ferguson was a highlight for me! ironically she was also the biggest enunciation offender)

the main disconnect for me was the plot. it felt like the middle movie. like i was missing a whole bunch of preluding context. it was missing the who what where when and why of the story. i sort of just had to accept what was happening and move on from it quickly. i wasn't confused or anything, but i just felt like i was missing a lot of context and prior world-building that could really get me invested

though i am kind of excited for the Part Two i assume will in fact get made as planned. i will tune into future installments, if anything solely for Zendaya.

also Oscar Isaac is so hot

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