Delirious ★★★

Look at the camera and say Buscemi!
Just go with the flow...especially if that means watching Michael Pitt and Steve Buscemi become roommates. 

Delirious is a supremely entertaining and idiosyncratically offbeat comedy of a young actor going from being homeless on the streets to the strange underground world of paparazzi. Or should I say licensed professionals? Exaggerated and at times satirical look at the Hollywood machine with absurd flashes of unexpected dark comedic turns. The two leads play perfectly to their strengths and are surrounded by an eccentric supporting cast of familiar character actors. A lot of stylized zooming of Buscemi and Michael Pitt and I’m all here for it. Came for the Buscemi, stayed for the cynical wit. Certainly worth a watch for something fairly straightforward, clever, and a little weird. 
And Elvis Costello writing a Britney Spears: the musical? Sign me up.

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