Guardians of the Galaxy

Guardians of the Galaxy ★★★★½

Can all other superhero-fantasy-scifi-seemingly epic films just back off and make way for 2014’s TOTAL BOMBSHELL OF A MARVEL FILM?!

Okay, listen, three quick points: Humor. Visuals. Soundtrack.
This film doesn't run out of humor. It's its character. It's in its DNA. It's godfrolickinghilarity at its godfrolickingfinest. And the visuals-- dude, GA-LA-XY. NASA's jaw be dropping. A human can't possibly come up with those lights and design. Seriously, did aliens do this film. Soundtrack-wise! 70's, I love you and this film made me love you more. I am genuinely shocked at how obsessed I got with the soundtrack pre and post-watching.

Another three quick points: Casting. Casting. Casting.
Flawless, epic, shut up.

And more and more quick points said by every mere mortal who got out of the cinema having watched Guardians (well I heard some cinemas showed a different kind of Guardians, hoho) 'cause this film just went over our expectations while committing to a very powerful mainstream blockbuster accuracy. Whut. YES.

You'd get so filled to your brim and still, you won't get enough. I'm really sorry baby but this kind of amazeballs has its time limit. More or less two hours. But it's worth every penny, man. Deal with it.

Hands down. Easily my favorite Marvel film. Or superhero film really.

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