Man with a Movie Camera ★★★★

Hailed as one of the most innovate and influential films of all time, the silent Russian documentary from 1929, Man with a Movie Camera, gave me an experience unlike anything else before it. A surreal experience is how I would put it. Placing us into this bizarre world that jumps around continuously, you are presented with a documentary that tests the limits of filmmaking and breaks through it. This film is so unique and I love it for that.

Now, I totally get why there are people out there who feel mixed on this film. If you sum it up, it's just an hour of silence as we watch random montages of which document life in 1920s Soviet Russia. If you dislike this film then I definitely understand why and I'm okay with it. But I'm glad that for me, I had a seemingly transcendental experience in which my mood, the timing, and everything in general flowed seamlessly to give me an incredible one hour of my life.

To behold all these scenes is something magnificent. It's beautiful. There's this power within the film that somehow works its way around just being an hour of random shots and hands to you an emotional ride that starts off uncomfortably but once you get used to the style, you flow along with the film.

I think another aspect which really helped me to love the documentary more was the version that I watched and it was with Josh Augustin's score and I really wouldn't have had it any other way. His score added so much to the film and was perfect for it.

I don't have much else to say so I'll end it here but I truly am shocked that this film turned out to be so great. I didn't feel as if it appealed to me so much to the point of me giving it a higher rating than a 4 but maybe that will change with time. As for now, I'm happy to be able to sit down and think about the lovely time I had watching this documentary. I love cinema.

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